Hello,  I'm jania warner

This is our 'why'

Since 2005, we’ve been supporting people to gain the qualifications they need so that they can take the ‘next-step’ in their lives.

I started my own training organisation after working as a consultant recommending learning programs and finding that others didn’t care about the student as a whole person.

So, I sought out others who were like-minded, and together we created our unique Whole Person Learning Model that has become the foundation of everything that we do. Our Whole Person Learning Model understands that each person is unique and learns differently. It’s designed so that you grow in confidence as you are supported throughout your learning journey.

I’m always genuinely really proud, and more often than not quite emotional, when I attend our graduation ceremonies. It’s such a heart-warming day to see each student, some who started out anxious and unsure, confidently walking up to accept their framed certificate. Oh my goodness, your smiles!

This is why I’m so proud to put my name to our organisation.

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