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Seasonal Spotify Playlists

These Spotify playlists are designed to help you make the most of your study sessions and help avoid burning out. Listen to a playlist from start to finish while you study, then take a 10 minute break.

Put some Summer fun into your study session with this collection of carefree acoustic songs. What's better than Summer in Australia?

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Appreciate the little things with this Autumn study playlist. Maybe take this study session outside with a hot tea and warm blanket.

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Like comfy socks and a crackling fire, this playlist will warm up and relax your brain to make the most of your study session.

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Spring has sprung! Time for new growth and blossoming into the best version of yourself. Feel good and envigorated with this study playlist.

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What's it like working in the Aged Care or Disability sector?

If you’re looking to start a career, or change pathways, this guide will help you understand what it's like working in the aged care, home & community and disability sectors, and how you fit in.

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Aged Care and Disability Support Sector Report