Whole Person Learning

You'll learn in different ways

One of the best ways to retain new information is to learn it using multiple learning styles. 

That's why we incorporate different visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, reading and writing ingredients to engage all your senses in every session.

You’ll experience each piece of learning in a variety of ways that will stimulate your creative, emotional, intellectual and spiritual intelligences. This means that your learning will feel more natural and less weighty because ‘all of you‘ is being engaged during learning. You’ll understand and remember more and you’ll grow in self-confidence.

Coaching sessions

Sometimes, a bit of one-on-one helps those "aha!" moments along.

That's why in addition to your regular learning sessions, we schedule Coaching Sessions at regular points throughout your course. 

These sessions are there to support you if you get stuck and to help you to stay on track. These Coaching Sessions are an essential part of your course and have been created to further support you with individual coaching including simulated tasks, role-play assessments, subject matter revision, review and any required catch-up.

Seasonal Spotify Playlists

These Spotify playlists are designed to help you make the most of your study sessions and help avoid burning out. Listen to a playlist from start to finish while you study, then take a 10 minute break.

Put some Summer fun into your study session with this collection of carefree acoustic songs. What's better than Summer in Australia?

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Appreciate the little things with this Autumn study playlist. Maybe take this study session outside with a hot tea and warm blanket.

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Like comfy socks and a crackling fire, this playlist will warm up and relax your brain to make the most of your study session.

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Spring has sprung! Time for new growth and blossoming into the best version of yourself. Feel good and envigorated with this study playlist.

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