Whole Person Learning Model

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What is Whole Person Learning?

Our training uses the Warner Institute Whole Person Learning Model, which develops each student as a whole person, building their confidence, as well as their skills and knowledge, so that they can apply their learning back in your organisation’s workplace.

We engage our students through a consultative method of delivery that is contextualised to incorporate ‘real’ application.

It uses 3 pillars of quality adult learning and overlays these with our Whole Person Learning Model. We incorporate different visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, reading and writing components to engage all the learning styles in every session.

Pillar 1
Exposure & 
Introduction to
Pillar 2
Undertake the
Pillar 3
Reinforce & Adapt learning to the workplace

Why is Whole Person Learning Better?

Our Whole Person Learning Model grows students to feel more confident, be more resilient, adapt to change, and be more accountable. This is achieved by growing their self awareness, understanding of others, and exposure to creative thinking and resilience tools.

Students will focus more on how they deliver their services, becoming more engaged, growing greater client connection and providing exceptional service delivery.

They will understand and remember more, grow in self-confidence, and readily adapt their learning to the varied workplace situations, undertaking their work with more pride, ownership, and client connection.

Multi-level Support is Built In

Our Whole Person Classroom includes:
  • Delivery incorporating the Warner Institute Whole Person workshop approach.
  • All materials required are provided, including Carry bag, folder, pen, sticky notes, name tags, references and extra learning tools.
  • Emotional Intelligence & resilience tool kit.
  • Mindfulness & Meditation activity.
  • Stretching & desk yoga activity.
  • Creative thinking approaches.
  • Study playlists.
  • Coaching Days embedded within the course.
Extra Support to Overcome Barriers:
  • Back to Study Support and Ongoing student monitoring as required.
  • Individual Learning Plans as a student’s Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LL&N) levels required.
  • Catch-up Sessions as required.
  • “Stick With It” support by Course Managers & Lead, Education Experience & Wellbeing.
Workplace Improvements Achieved by:
  • Take-Away workplace “to-do” regarding how a service is delivered.
  • 3-Way ‘Hitting the Target’ meeting, including Student’s Supervisor (In-house Corporate Courses)
  • Cluster News to the Student’s Supervisor after each cluster so they know what they are learning.
Placement & Ensuring Job Readiness:
  • Placement organised by Warner Institute specialist.
  • Placement uniform polo shirts are provided at no charge for placement students, together with a “Student Name” lanyard.
  • Placement & Job readiness evaluation & preparation is undertaken.
Graduation Celebration:
  • Graduation Ceremony complete with gowns, sash & mortar boards.
  • Students will be presented with a framed certificate.
  • Student Guests and Management encouraged to attend.

Our Student Support Team Motivates Student Success

Our Student Support Team monitors the success of each student and works closely with the Course Manager to ensure that the right support is provided.

This commences with our best practice approach to Suitable & Appropriate assessment where the Course Manager is involved in this process; this is evidenced throughout the course through to completion.

Lead, Education Experience & Wellbeing will become involved with the student to provide additional support over and above that already provided by the Course Manager.

They will collaborate with your organisation and the student as required.

Seasonal Spotify

These Spotify playlists are designed to help you make the most of your study sessions and help avoid burning out. Listen to a playlist from start to finish while you study, then take a 10 minute break.

Put some Summer fun into your study session with this collection of carefree acoustic songs. What's better than Summer in Australia?

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Appreciate the little things with this Autumn study playlist. Maybe take this study session outside with a hot tea and warm blanket.

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Like comfy socks and a crackling fire, this playlist will warm up and relax your brain to make the most of your study session.

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Spring has sprung! Time for new growth and blossoming into the best version of yourself. Feel good and envigorated with this study playlist.

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